Folderlabs AMA Announcements

Jun 24, 2021


Folderlabs will hold an AMA with Crypto Legacy on June 25ht (Friday) at 12PM UTC in CryptoLegacyEN (\) 🏦

📍Venue: @CryptoLegacyEN

💰Giveaway: $50 FOL


Segment 1: Introduction
Segment 2: ($50 FOL/5 Users) Best questions from twitter

Ask Twitter questions here👇

Rules to follow:
1️. Join: @folderlabs
2️. Join: @CryptoLegacyAMA & @CryptoLegacyCH
3️. Join: @laconexionlounge
4️. Follow:
5️. Follow:
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📚More information about Folderlabs:




Folder Protocol(FOL) is decentralized storage project with layer-2 solutions, seeking to safely store and send larger batches of data more adequately.