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We are happy to announce that Folder Protocol ($FOL) will be listed on Bittrex Global at 10PM (PT)!!!

Please kindly read more about official announcement from Bittrex below:


In this article we will briefly review numerous cryptographic primitives (or schemes) that are used in blockchain protocols. Then we will discuss the potential cryptographic schemes we may be using in designing the folder Protocol for the decentralized storage.

What are Cryptographic primitives?

Cryptographic primitives are low-level cryptographic algorithms that are thoroughly tested and often are used to design systems that use cryptography security protocols.

Typically, a cryptographic primitive is designed to do one specific task or atomic task in a clearly defined manner and it is highly reliable to execute. These primitives become fundamental building blocks of a secure cryptographic system. …


The Cloud Computing has revolutionized the IT sector globally by enabling the businesses and developers to move away from on-premise IT infrastructure to an on-demand infrastructure. Some of the driving factors for this radical change are reduced costs, seemingly infinite development resources as an on-demand pricing model, scalability of IT networks and storage, ease of maintenance, etc. Though these cloud computing services are designed under fundamental principles of distributed computing, they centralize the trust and fail to offer any kind of decentralization and better security and privacy for the organizations.

Recently as blockchain technologies are gaining popularity, there are a…

On January 22th 2021, we had an AMA with Enjoy My Hobby Group on Telegram. During 4 years of operation, this has become one of the largest trading communities in Korea, where members can share investment and trading experiences, discuss many potential projects, airdrop programs as well as provide the most effective investment advice.

At Enjoy My Hobby Group, our CTO — Nagu Thogiti — went live to greet the community and gave insights to topics about Folderlabs, IPFS, and share some hot events of Folder Protocol in the upcoming time.

We would like to write a summary of the…

Nagu Thogiti, an initial collaborative developer of blockchain technology, and who has a lot of experience in developing projects based on Web 3.0 and IPFS, also known as Filecoin, recently joined Filecoin’s second-layer Project Folder Protocol as chief technology officer. The decentralized web protocol IPFS token is expected to accelerate business expansion by reinforcing the technology of “Folder Protocol” that compensates for the technological limitations of Filecoin.

As one of the early members of blockchain development, he had a crucial role in the development of mutual technology partnerships through the establishment of second-layer technology for enterprise-scale decentralized storage. He is…

Folder Protocol Node Architecture and Mining Process

Folder Protocol facilitates participation of individual users in providing computing power to scale IPFS/Filecoin network. Upon installation, FOL client automatically provides designated computing power and receive FOL token as a reward equivalent to his/her contribution. This article will go over in mechanism of FOL client mining in depth for better understanding of the project.

Architecture of FOL Mining

Mining participants can easily participate in mining FOL on their personal PC through installing FOL client and receive FOL as a reward for providing personal computing power. …

Dear Folderlabs’s Fan,

Today, we are announcing a detail of FOL token metrics. There will be a lock-ups and vesting for Team, Reserve token to commit our goals. None of these tokens will go into circulation at this time. Ahead of the end of the next lock-up period, the Folderlabs team intends to announce its FOL Token Distribution Plan. The goal of this plan will be to clearly outline how these tokens will be used and over what period of time.

Token Distribution Terms

So far, Folder Protocol has raised $3.25M in two prior rounds. The terms were as follows:

<FOL Token Allocation>

After 2 months…

Folder Protocol is giving everyone a chance to be winners of the Gleam Competition! Starting on November 16, 2020, 50 lucky winners will be eligible to win an 20$ airdrop (subject to Terms & Conditions below). Increase your chances of winning by completing ALL actions on The contest will last only 20 days!

Dates: November 16, 2020 — December 6, 2020

Checking in daily on would give you an extra entry, while writing content on Publish0x about Folder Protocol, submitting memes, gifs, sticker packs, songs, video content and other social media interactions, would give you additional entries. In…

Folder Protocol’s FOLDER token will be launched on Flybit Exchange at 18:00 (KST) 13th November 2020, the world’s leading digital asset trading platform. In addition to listing, the two parties will cooperate on liquidity management, branding, and innovative transaction technology.

Folder Protocol is designed and constructed to function as a second-layer on Filecoin’s mainnet network, seeking to safely store and send larger batches of data more adequately. Folder Protocol’s network will benefit the users for the quicker retrieval and wider distribution of content.


Since the establishment of the Korea Digital Exchange Corporation in July 2017, the virtual asset exchange DEXKO…


Folder Protocol is designed and constructed to function as a second-layer on Filecoin’s mainnet network, seeking to safely store and send larger batches of data

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